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To build a better community by supporting cancer patients and their families in their time of need, improving the quality of our cultural life; and being proactive in cancer prevention.


Well Pacific Cancer Foundation was founded in Seattle, Washington in July, 2003. It is a federal registered 501.C.3 organization (not-for-profit). It supports cancer patient and terminal illness patient by:


*Providing patient care through volunteer work.


*Arranging patient transportation - including free medical flights.


*Sponsoring cancer preventive education programs led by     medical professionals.                             


*Encouraging youth to participate in community patient services.








Tin’s Education Award has added a new program: The Student Winter Coat Project


Tin’s Education Award, managed by WPCF, announced the start of this year's program by accepting applications for 2013 last week. Additionally, the program has added the Student Winter Coat Project this year and we give our thanks to Tin’s family for making this project  available for students in Guangxi and Yunan, China. Students with financial difficulties will be able to wear warm new winter coats on their way to village school in the morning.

This program is in its 3rd year of supporting students from village schools on their path to college. In addition, it has provided extra financial aid to support temporarily assigned teachers.


A Nose Cancer Patient on track to full recovery


Anna found herself in the final stage of nose cancer last fall and the cancer had been spreading to her lung. Things are getting worth as she went through a divorce with 3 daughters for a mind age cries. Thanks to her strong will of fighting cancer and determination of look after her kinds, she has way through a tough therapy with health fast detiated in the past 5 months. She not only lost weight, but also her sight, therefore she was at one time is thinking of not be able to make\e it over this summer.

However, merical happened to her this summer after intensified food therapy, plus relaxation in her mind, she has reported amazing recovery in this past 3 week as test show all cancer cell disappeared from her nose and also cancer cells shrieked in her lung.

This is a great news to our volunteers and patient for a wonder created by our good efforts. Congratulation Anna!


WPCF Senior Service Cater Project moved into a faster lane


King county has finally approved our Building Permit for a service center which will provide 15 bed for patients with cancers. This is a full service facility with food therapy and medical assistance.

The foundation of auxiliary building of 800 sqft would be the first building and the 2nd building of 4000 is under fund raising from donor and investor. Investors are encouraged to form partnership with WPCF.